ProDigital Pty Limited

BioLogic Science Instruments.
Potentiostats/Galvanostats, from handlheld to single and
multichannel, extensively used in research toward Fuel cell,
Microbial Fuel Cells, Battery, reneable energy, sensor,
general electrochemistry, corrosion and EIS.
Battery cyclers from 1 to 64 channel.
Ionic Liquids Analyzers
Materials Impedance Analyzers.
Scanning Electrochemical Techniques
Wide range of accessories.
ALP Technology
Environmental Chambers
High and low temperature alternate
· Lab oven
· Salt spray test chamber
· Drug stability test chamber
· Sand and dust test chamber
· UV weather resistance test chambe..
· Solar energy PV device test chamb..
· Box rain test chamber
· muti-function test chamber
· Drip box
High Pressure and Temperature probes

Science And Electrochemistry Division