ProDigital Pty Limited Representing in Australia and New Zealand

ProDigital is a professional digital test equipment company
... specialising in servicing the test and measurement industry in the Australian and New Zealand market
... ProDigital scrutinises manufacturers and only offers the best that meet a criterea of excellence in service and support.

* JTAG Technologies offer Tools and complete Turn-Key Services (including test fixures) to meet with the challenges faced by Design Engineers,
Test Engineers and Production Managers. Debugging prototypes with JTAG LIVE STUDIO Boundary Scan Engineerng tools made easy.
ProVision automatically generates test applications and test vectror files to run in production to cover the entire spectrum including
....................................Infrastructure, .Interconnect testing and In-circuit Flash and CPLD programming..................................

FW BELL Gauss meters are world reknowned for he best quality handheld and bench model Magnetic field and hall effect measuring devices.
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Listen Inc ..Providing Sound Check Analytical tools, for headphones, earbuds, speakers and microphones

Data IO brings ore than 30 years of reliable experience in the world of pogramming memory devices from PLD's PROM, EPROMS, FLASH and
Microcontrollers from engineering and design to production and automation..

* TDI Corporation offers a wide range of Mil Spec Powers rectifiers and Invertors and also Electronic loads *

Simpson Electric bring decades of perfected experience in the design and manufacture of Volt Ohm Meters, panel meters and sound level meters.

Science Instruments address the Electrochemistry - Impedance Spectroscopy - Corrosion - Sensors, Battery, Fuel Cells, Microbial Fuel Cells and
Renewable Energy Research and Material Science Industries with potentiostats, battery cyclers, environmental chambers and accessories